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Not just for salads!  Giovanni's Reduced Balsamic and First Pressed Olive Oil can be used in many of your favorite dishes

Here are some more of our favorite ways to enjoy these delicious products

Giovanni's Reduced Balsamic

Top figs with Parmigiano Reggiano, wrap with Prosciutto di Parma, drizzle with Giovanni’s Reduced Balsamic


Use sliced panettone for your next french toast & top with Giovanni’s Reduced Balsamic


Fill crepes with coffee ice-cream, top with chopped walnuts and Giovanni’s Reduced Balsamic

Grill your favorite vegetables, finish with Giovanni’s Reduced Balsamic


Drizzle on top of sliced strawberries with your favorite gelato

Giovanni's First Pressed Olive Oil

Top freshly baked focaccia bread with arugula, goat cheese & Giovanni’s Olive Oil, finish with our Reduced Balsamic

Add blanched fresh brussel sprouts to chopped pancetta sauteed in Giovanni’s Olive Oil, toss with our Reduced Balsamic

Spread fresh ricotta on a Tuscan roll  & drizzle with Giovanni’s Reduced Balsamic Fig Flavor & Giovanni’s Olive Oil

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